The Warden

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55″ OF ULTIMATE COMFORT, REACH AND CONTROL. IF YOU LIKE TO WORK A FIRE AND SHOW OFF IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS, THEN THIS IS THE MODEL FOR YOU. The WARDEN Grapole can pick up those larger logs right down to those semi-burnt twigs on the ground. Heck, it’ll even pick up those carelessly tossed bottle caps your friends throw around! Have you ever tried to burn clean-up brush from around your property? Pretty hard on the back. The Warden will eat this stuff up like a brood of beavers. Don’t limit the Grapole to the firepit. It will absolutely come in handy during an out-of-reach scenario. Under your direct supervision; let your older children ‘play’ with the fire knowing they are at a safe distance. The Grapole loves your modest campfire but watch it work an aggressive burn.

REMEMBER… always abide by your local fire codes but rest assured the Grapole is on duty!

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 142 × 8 × 4 cm


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